Welcome to Eric Cheung’s personal website!

Welcome to Eric’s personal website!

Eric is a journalist who aspires to become an international reporter in the future. He has envisioned himself to be on the forefront of world-changing events and reporting momentous events to the public.

His work has appeared in various international news organisations, including CNN International, Reuters Video News, The Guardian, SBS News (Australia), The Telegraph, Sky News, ABC News (America), Reuters TV, and Hong Kong Free Press.

Most recently, Eric is a freelance video journalist at Reuters, and a freelance news desk producer at CNN International. In his role at Reuters, he shoots and edits Hong Kong video stories for the news agency with a Panasonic P2 HD camera. At CNN, he is responsible for assisting the network’s coverage in the Asia-Pacific region.

Some of his work is highlighted below, and you are welcomed to check out more by clicking the tabs at the top of this page!

Video journalism

With the help of Hollywood celebrities including Matt Damon, Joaquin Phoenix and one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, animal activists in the United States and China are rallying to stop a Chinese dog meat festival that began this week and will reportedly lead to the slaughter of thousands of dogs. → continue reading

As part of Eric’s final-year project, he anchored/produced a four-episode talk show series that touched upon different stories in Hong Kong, including a paragliding charity, local craft breweries, an animal rescue centre, and a visually-impaired athlete. The first episode is included below, and please check this page for more!

  • Transgender refugee seeks new life in Denmark (DMJX)

Ali Ishaq, a 45-year-old transgender woman from Pakistan, is currently seeking asylum in Denmark. She is one of the many LGBT refugees who fled their home countries as they were discriminated due to their sexual identities.

In this clip, I reported on what life is like for transgender refugees in Denmark.

with Louis-Philippe Bourdeau, Janneke Oude Kampers

Print journalism

"Yellow Vest" protesters gather in Taipei to demonstrate against Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen's government.

Inspired by the French movement, Taiwan’s own “yellow vest” protests are expected to continue on Saturday, with anti-tax demonstrators preparing to take to the streets again. → continue reading

A controversial high-speed rail link between Hong Kong and China opened to the public on September 23, 2018.

The first ever bullet train from Hong Kong to China departed Sunday, as the city’s controversial high-speed rail link opened to the public amid fears greater integration with the mainland could lead to ever more encroachment by Beijing in semi-autonomous Hong Kong’s affairs. → continue reading

Authorities in the Philippines are warning people to stay clear of the volatile Mount Mayon volcano after multiple eruptions overnight spread lava and ash for kilometers. → continue reading

Hong Kong’s best-known democracy campaigner, Joshua Wong, has accused Thailand’s military junta of political “suppression” after he was barred from entering the country, apparently after Beijing asked for his name to be placed on a travel blacklist. → continue reading

As police tear gas rained down on student protesters, Chan Tsz-woon grabbed his Canon 50D camera and raced to the frontline. → continue reading



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