Gallery: DPRK (North Korea) – 2014

In June 2014, I’ve embarked on an exceptional journey to enter the modern-day hermit kingdom: North Korea, or as local people refer to it officially, the DPRK.

In the 5-day trip, we toured around the capital city of Pyongyang, and even played football with locals on the grassland. We also went to the border city of Kaesong, home of the Kaesong Industrial Region, a collaborative effort between the two Koreas. We even made it to the actual border – the Panmunjom peace village.

We stayed in Pyongyang’s renowned Yanggakdo International Hotel, which was famous for its “hidden” fifth floor. However, we did not risk our own lives and wander into the forbidden area. You may wish to take your own risk when you sneak your way into the country.

I’ve taken thousands of pictures along the way – with very few to no restrictions from our tour guides. Enjoy the pictures here, and feel free to leave comments if there’s anything you wish to know!

Copyright © 2015 Eric Cheung. All rights reserved.


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