ABC News: Celebrities Square Off Against Chinese Dog Meat Festival

In June 2016, Eric worked closely with ABC News’s Brian Ross Investigates on the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. He went undercover in Yulin, Guangxi to confirm and film the dog slaughterhouses with a hidden camera and reported on the festival. 

The report was aired on ABC’s national late-night news program Nightline, and was published online on ABC digital:

With the help of Hollywood celebrities including Matt Damon, Joaquin Phoenix and one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, animal activists in the United States and China are rallying to stop a Chinese dog meat festival that began this week and will reportedly lead to the slaughter of thousands of dogs.

“We are here asking you to stop the cruelty,” said Damon in one of the public service announcements released last week.

An undercover video inside a slaughterhouse in Yulin earlier this year shows many of the dogs still wearing collars, suggesting they were pets stolen off the streets of Beijing and Shanghai and sent to Yulin to be eaten this week, according to American activists who recently returned from China… Keep reading ->

Yulin dog meat festival

What I saw in Yulin: Animal activist arguing with dog meat trader.


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