Chung Ying Street: One Street, Two Systems

Before 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony separated from the rest of China.

At the northernmost part of Hong Kong, there is a street marking the border between the city and Shenzhen – Chung Ying Street (Anglo-Chinese street).

The famous shopping street is located in Sha Tau Kok, and is managed by both Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

One side of the street is Hong Kong territory, while the other side is located inside mainland China.

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Along the road there are sign rocks signalling the actual border – and police from both jurisdictions sometimes meet up and shake hands there.

A special permission is required to gain access to the famous street from Hong Kong, but there are no restrictions to get in from Shenzhen.

Chung ying street location

Chung Ying Street (Anglo-Chinese street) is located right at the border with Shenzhen at the northeast. Photo: Google Maps.


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