High Island: Home to the world-class hexagonal rock columns

Despite being one of the most congested cities on the planet, Hong Kong also offers some of the most spectacular geological features for nature-lovers!

In 2009, the Hong Kong Geopark was officially recognised by the Global Geopark Network. That means Asia’s World City has been identified to have valuable geological features.

In particular, Hong Kong is home to the biggest hexagonal columnar rocks in the world. The rock structure was formed 140 million years ago when Hong Kong was still volcanically active. Today, the area provides a breathtaking scenery and attracts nature-lovers around the world.

hexagonal columnar rocks

The world-famous hexagonal rock columns on Hong Kong’s High Island. Photo: AGHK.

With the breezing wind and the spectacular rock structure, it offers visitors tranquility away from the bustling town!

Video: Introduction to the hexagonal columnar rocks on High Island. Video: Hong Kong Geopark.
Hong Kong Global Geopark of China

The location where visitors can view the magnificant hexagonal rock columns. Photo: Google Maps.


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