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philosophy meaning of life

Can individual lives have meaning even if human life has no purpose? / April 17, 2015

I believe it is hard to justify that individual lives will have objective meanings when the entire human race does not have any purpose. The meaning of lives is usually associated with the purpose of mankind’s existence. Some believe that the human race … → continue reading

philosophy pleasure

Can virtue make you happy? / March 27, 2015

I agree that being virtuous will allow us to obtain pleasure. Being virtuous implies that you are acting good, and it is a deposition for you to act appropriately. As many people put it, “helping others is the source of happiness” … → continue reading

Gallery: Pearl River Delta field trip – March 2015

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Gallery: North Korea (DPRK) – 2014

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Vladimir Putin

How Putin is defying the West and transforming Russia to a superpower in contemporary world politics / September 20, 2013

There goes a famous online quote, “whenever Putin walks away from something, it looks like it will explode.” And Putin is now trying to show to the world that he is tough, that he will transform Russia back to a world superpower. → continue reading

syrian civil war

The dilemma of foreign intervention in Syria / September 3, 2013

After fighting the war for more than 2 years, the US is now considering aiding the opposition by firing missiles from the Mediterranean Sea into Damascus, the Syrian capital, in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad’s regime. → continue reading

group photo stonyhurst

A 2-week wanderlust into Her Majesty’s land in England – an exchange with Stonyhurst College / July 10, 2013

The annual overseas exchange programme with other Jesuit secondary schools is definitely one of the highlights of our school year. This year’s exchange programme with Stonyhurst College in the UK was yet another highly-anticipated event in the college. Stonyhurst College is a private day cum boarding co-educational … → continue reading

lifelong learning speech

Speech: The importance of embracing lifelong learning / April 11, 2013

Over the years, lifelong learning has become an increasingly popular topic. People of different ages have continued to pursuit knowledge through books, the Internet and other means, even after their graduation. This is phenomenal in Hong Kong … → continue reading


It’s a small world, after all: Facebook finds people are now separated only by 4.74 degrees / November 12, 2011

The world has become immensely smaller than what you have thought. Adding a new chapter to the research that contributed the theory “six degrees of separation”, researchers from the University of Milan and social networking site Facebook have recently uncovered … → continue reading

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