Hey there! I am currently a journalism student at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in both journalism and politics. It is expected that I will finish the undergraduate programme in 2018.

This page lists out selected works I’ve done for my journalism courses at the university:


November 14, 2014 – Medical students make sacrifices at class boycott

Wearing shirts and jeans, Don Chan and Raymond Liu look like average university students in Hong Kong. In fact, they are the co-founders of the University of Hong Kong Medical Students’ Political Reform Concern Group. The student-initiated group was set up in response to the National People Congress’ (NPC) decision … → continue reading


November 21, 2014 – How NGOs and private organizations are leading the call for greater efforts towards geoconservation in Hong Kong

Walking along the Aberdeen Country Park, the breezy wind and the singing of the bird provide a stark contrast to metropolitan Hong Kong just a few kilometres away. The rugged relief and the bedded texture of the igneous rocks that make up one of UNESCO’s Global Geoparks might surprise … → continue reading

pie chart

December 18, 2014 – Report: How media tell survey results without proper detail

In this report, the writer shall examine and evaluate on various examples of statistical reports by different media in real life. → continue reading

Photo credits: WiikiMedia

Copyright © 2015 Eric Cheung. All rights reserved.


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