TV news production

From August to December 2015, I attended an international exchange semester at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX), with a focus on producing TV news stories. Alongside student journalists from all around the world, I have reported on various stories in Denmark – from transgender refugees and green initiatives to the pilot testing of social robots in the country. I was also part of the media team that was present at the Play The Game Conference 2015, where I had the chance to do a bit of sports journalism.

The length of these stories ranged from 1.5 minutes to 13 minutes. Please note that even though I was involved in the production of all the clips below (as group work), I did not record voiceovers for all of the videos. In cases where other students were responsible for recording the VOs, their names are included in the description.


Transgender refugee seeks new life in Denmark

Ali Ishaq, a 45-year-old transgender woman from Pakistan, is currently seeking asylum in Denmark. She is one of the many LGBT refugees who fled their home countries as they were discriminated due to their sexual identities. However, they usually have to wait for a very long time before they know whether their application is accepted by the Danish authorities.

In this clip, I reported on what life is like for transgender refugees in Denmark.

with Louis-Philippe Bourdeau, Janneke Oude Kampers

Hello, Mr. Robot! (13-minute documentary)

Robotic technology has become more and more important in our daily lives. In the past decades, automation has replaced many workers’ jobs and increased efficiency in production worldwide. The next wave of robotic technology – social robot – has emerged in recent years. These robots are characterised by their abilities to communicate with human beings.

However, can social robots really help us? How much of a role should they play in our daily lives? We examined two places where social robots are being tested in Denmark, one in a kindergarten and the other in an elderly centre in Faxe kommune – to take a closer look on what these robots can and cannot do.

with Lucas Blasius, Yanis Chan

Mobile filming: REUSE Aarhus

Is it possible to produce a good quality TV news package with your mobile phone? As an exercise for my international TV journalism course at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX), I did a brief story on REUSE Aarhus with my phone.

with Louis-Philippe Bourdeau, Janneke Oude Kampers

Of happy pigs and sad prices – organic farming in Denmark (reporter: Lucas Blasius)

Ecological food is the future – isn´t it? The advantages of “eco” are evident: Better health, better environment etc. Only the costs are way too high. To help eco-food on the way and profit from its benefits, the Danish gouvernment has developed a plan. They want to make Denmark the most ecological country on earth by 2020. And they want to double the amount of eco-meals in school cantines.
It is a hard task that I have taken a closer look at.

with Lucas Blasius, Laura Aznar

SU grant: what it means for foreign students (reporter: Sonia Sarha)

In Denmark, Danish students get the SU grant – a financial support from the Government. In 2013 the EU made a ruling saying that all EU students should also be eligible for this grant. What does it actually mean for these students? Will the SU grant be beneficial to Denmark in the long run?

with Sonia Sarha, Steffan Larsen

Gender gap in sports –  why is that? #Play the Game 2015

Exercise on a daily basis is essential to maintaining good health. However, research have shown that young girls are less physically active than boys. Why is that? And what should be done to change the current situation?

with Sonia Sarha, Steffan Larsen

Empty seats in Danish football – are the stadiums too large? #Play the Game 2015 (reporter: Steffan Larsen)

Jens Alm from the Danish Institute for Sport Studies on the municipalities’ role in Danish football stadiums.

with Sonia Sarha, Steffan Larsen

Aarhus: host of Play the Game 2015

Aarhus, the second-largest city of Denmark, is hosting the Play The Game conference 2015. Why was Aarhus chosen to be the conference location, and what does it mean for this city to host this event?

with Sonia Sarha, Steffan Larsen

One word to describe #PTG2015 – Play the Game 2015 (reporter: Sonia Sarha)

We went around #PTG2015 conference asking for 1 word to describe their experience at Play the Game 2015.

with Sonia Sarha, Steffan Larsen